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You were Knight Commander of the most powerful army in the lands of Drethen. You and your half brother Sir Trytin led many victories in battle and defeated all those who would try to overrun the castle. Your father, a great king and a great warrior was different then other kings. He used battle as a last resort against invaders, avoiding bloodshed at all costs. He promised peace to all who followed his way of nonviolence in the lands of Drethen. His promise was true and all was at peace for many years.

Your father often sought to remind you that one day you will be king as you are the one true heir to the throne. Although you did not want to be king, your father said you will make a marvelous one. A strong one who is able to lead the kingdom to bigger and better things other than battle.

Everything took a wrong turn when your trusted half brother and friend Sir Trytin poisoned the king and left you for dead in the ruins of decay. Out of jealousy and greed Trytin became king and ruled all the lands of Drethen. The castle that was once known for it's honored past, quickly became corrupt. War spread and peace no longer existed. Now wicked sorcerers surround him and protect him. They constantly pass their dark magic onto him, making him and his army grow more powerful each day.

Your story is not yet over young knight, for you have been infused with light and given a second chance to take what is rightfully yours. You will not die yet.. But rise stronger then ever before. You're the only one who can defeat King Trytin and restore peace to the lands again. You're not just the last hope for Drethen, but all creation within it. Become the King you were meant to be!



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