Short adventure game created in 2 weeks.

The Story
Syberious was once a peaceful planet. It has now been invaded by an enemy specie controlled by a powerful leader. The enemy army has already destroyed half of the civilization on planet Syberious. They took what has been protected for centuries by elite Syberious warriors. The Blade of Souls. In the wrong hands this object of destruction has the power to destroy not only Syberious.. But the rest of the galaxy with it. Only a mystical race whose souls are linked can retrieve the blade and have the strength to wield it. The fate of the planets existence is in the hands of two heroes. These two heroes just happen to be the only ones left of that race. Linked souls must fight as one. If one soul is lost then both will perish.

Short Description
In this retro platformer adventure game you alternate between two characters with linked souls, each with their own strengths. These linked characters must fight as one. If one soul is lost so is the other. Run, jump, fight and fly your combat ship in this race to save planet Syberious. Catch and eliminate their leader to retrieve the galaxies last hope.





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Awesome video, glad you enjoyed the game! :)